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Annual Ramadan Iftar2012


Annual Ramadan Iftar 2012



Al Furqan International Trading Co. (Fitco) has set up its annual Ramadan, which brings together all family members (Fitco) and companies that do business with them.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Khalid Al-Buainain Chairman and Mr. Mohammed Al-Buainain Vice Chairman and all employees in the company.

The ceremony was also attended by a large number of the guests from the managers of sister companies operating in the same field, in addition to a number of relatives.

The celebration started with the opening of the Ramadan buffet breakfast and Maghrib prayer.

The Chairman welcomed the distinguished guests.
And gave a speech about the importance of connectivity and interdependence among all members of the company.
The ceremony was set up at the Center for Educational Technology, one of the Group of Companies Ltd.,.
Then Mr. Shadi learning center director, addressed the definition of the active center. 


Some photos down.



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